Yocan Ziva Best Vape Mod Kit

The Ziva is the latest new 510 vape mods from Yocan to hit the market. Compact and portable in appearance, the hidden cartridge design is suitable for most occasions and won’t attract anyone’s attention. So it is the best choice for discreet users!

What are the features of Yocan Ziva vape mod?

Auto-Draw Start

The smoking action is triggered by airflow sensing, with strong anti-interference ability. If it falls accidentally, it will not trigger the smoking action, which is safe and stable!

Ziva functional structure display
Ziva vape mods

Super Compatibility

Yocan Ziva is compatible with any 510 threaded carts with diameter ≤ 14mm and height ≤ 62mm. Vaporizers up to 2mL allow you to use it for a long time and take multiple puffs continuously.

High-Quality Aluminum Body

The Ziva vape mod case is made of high quality aluminum alloy. The Ziva not only lightweight but also more aesthetically pleasing to use. And the heat dissipation performance is also excellent. So you don’t have to worry about overheating the surface of the device when vaping.

Easy to Operate

The Yocan Ziva vape mod body has a strong magnetic connection to the base, so it can be easily and quickly disassembled. Very easy to use for beginners.

Adjustable Voltage

Yocan Ziva has three levels of voltage controllable adjustment, from low to high three levels of voltage control adjustment. Press and hold the power button three times quickly to adjust the voltage. First gear 2.6V lights blue; second gear 3.2V lights green; third gear 3.8V lights red. Smokers can customize the temperature to their liking.

7 Color Options

Ziva vape mods have seven colors to choose from, of which the gradient color is very fashionable and cool. Suitable for young consumers.

The above content is a brief introduction to Yocan Ziva vape mods. If you are interested in this product and want to wholesale distribute Yocan Ziva. Please send your inquiry on Yocan’s official website as soon as possible, the business staff is online 24 hours to provide you with the best offer!

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