Cart Battery (Vape Battery)

Yocan Cart Battery (Vape Battery)

Yocan Cart Battery is sought after by consumers for its stylish appearance, rich and practical functions and cheap price. It fits 510 threads well and is the best 510 vape battery on the market today. It is also the largest manufacturer of vape pen.

Hot Yocan vape battery

1.Yocan Uni Pro

The Yocan UNI Pro’s magnetic 510 thread atomizer and adjustable length-height design make it compatible with almost most products on the market. With a high level of quality craftsmanship, the 510 thread battery has been refined and proven over the years by the market and consumers to be a very high quality and cost-effective 510 thread battery that perfectly inherits the strengths of the Yocan brand, with a gorgeous exterior and a host of features, such as: OLED screen display, customizable voltage options (2.0V to 4.2V) for a customizable experience. It’s a cleverly designed universal cartridge. It’s a cleverly designed universal cassette module and oil-level window for added flexibility. The small and portable body contains a large 650mAh battery. The Yocan UNI Pro has a 15-second power-down, warm-up mode: short-circuit protection requires 2 presses of the power button.
The Yocan UNI Pro takes customization and personalization to a new level with universal compatibility with atomizers of all lengths and sizes. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the Yocan UNI Pro is the perfect companion.

2. Yocan Ziva Pro

The Yocan Ziva Pro’s versatile compatibility and stealthy design is one of cart battery’s most iconic creations. As an auto vaping e-cigarette, it retains the vaping activation feature to ensure a seamless vaping action. With just a few puffs, you can enjoy the vaping process with ease.The Ziva Pro is compatible with any 510 thread cart with a diameter of ≤14mm and a height of ≤62mm. Its hidden design ensures that it remains inconspicuous in most situations. Keep your e-cigarette experience discreet and enjoy a hidden e-cigarette experience.
It features the following benefits:1. Convenient Magnetic Attachment.The Ziva Pro features a magnetic attachment for easy disassembly and reassembly. 2. Precise Voltage Control. Unlock precise voltage control at the touch of a button. Easily monitor battery level, voltage, resistance, vaping counter and e-cigarette timer on the OLED screen. Enjoy unrivalled convenience. 3. 10S Preheat Function. The preheat function improves the amount of vapour produced and the taste, especially during the first use. 4. Breakthrough touch button design. The precise and sensitive touch button design is one of the highlights of Ziva Pro. The two-second anti-touch button design further reflects the consideration for the majority of consumers.

3. Yocan Kodo Pro series

Early on the Yocan Kodo series was one of the hottest products, and equally the most iconic 510 thread battery in the industry. However the launch of the Kodo Pro smart device has redefined more of the possibilities of the Kodo. It is embodied in the use of OLED display and features a vaping counter, preheat, safety cut-off and voltage regulation.
To summarise its strengths: 1. Yocan Kodo Pro is a highly competitive 510 battery. 510 threaded atomiser compatibility >0.8ohm (supports 510 atomisers above 0.8 ohm). It has 10 seconds warm up 10 seconds safe power off. 2. It is a device for customisable experiences. Its adjustable voltage (from 1.8V to 4.2V precisely) allows everyone to have their own unique flavour. 3. The Yocan Kodo Pro has an innovative smoke counter and timer built in. When the count reaches 9999 puffs, the counter will be automatically cleared.4. A small and convenient Vape Battery: Its pocket-sized nature makes it easy to carry wherever you are.

What is the difference between Vape Battery, Cart Battery and 510 thread battery?

Vape Battery also called Cart Battery or 510 thread battery. they describe different ranges.
Vape Battery: It includes 510 threaded battery, vape battery and other connection styles of vape battery. It is a generic term for all vape battery styles.
Cart Battery: It is a hidden vape battery, which usually means that its atomizer is designed inside the device and can be well hidden. People can only see the whole exterior of the vape but not which atomizer is inside. If it is a 510 threaded connection, then it is also known as a 510 threaded battery.
510 thread Battery: It is a vape battery with 510 threaded connection. This atomiser is designed to be connected inside or outside the device. Currently it is the most dominant connection method on the market. However other niche connection methods are:
eGo thread: this thread is a bit thicker than the 510 thread and is compatible with both eGo and 510 devices because the eGo thread is internally a 510 thread.
801, 901, L88: These are other thread types used in the early days of vape, but they are not as common as the 510 thread.

Why choose Vape Battery?

Hidden Design

 The important advantage of Vape Battery is its hidden design. We can install the atomizer inside the battery to achieve the hidden effect. You can also choose the atomizer external Vape Battery, his advantage is that it is not limited by any size. Customizable experience is higher.


With the continuous development of today’s technology, nowadays the Vape Battery can achieve more functions in a smaller size. For example: HD OLED display, adjustable voltage, auto warm-up, on-demand mode and safety features, and so on. The Vape Battery is the ultimate experience for more enthusiasts of technology.

Small Size Convenience

We all know that vaping has come up with more convenience for people who choose it. Vape Battery is the same, it has a reasonably compact design and the size is made smaller. When you are out or traveling, you can keep it handy in your trouser pocket or in your travel bag. Its small size and light weight won’t give you any burden and may even make you ignore its existence completely.

Large capacity

Although our bettery is small in size, we have a large capacity! For example, the cart battery from Yocan supports up to 2G capacity! Many products on the market have small capacity, less than 1G capacity. Choosing a large capacity can avoid the anxiety of a mundane bomb change.


as we all know, the Vape Battery does not include an atomizer, you need to buy it separately. You can choose any form of 510 thread atomizer you like, just need it to be of a size that is compatible with the vape battery.
When my device is a Cart battery, my atomizer needs to have 510 threads while also needing the overall diameter of the atomizer to match the size of my Cart battery.


FAQ about Cart Battery (Vape Battery)