After Sale Support

Thank you very much for choosing Yocan product, to effectively protect your rights, clear the responsibility and obligation that authorized dealers and the company should bear of repair, replacement warranty service.

Why Should You Claim Warranty From Local Company?

Yocan commit to awesome vape product to global customers, include after-sale service. We suggest you make a warranty claim direct from your dealers are more efficient. As a manufacturer, Yocan is sending extra free replacements for any NG products to our distributors as well.

If your product was not purchased from our official retail store, please contact the store you purchased for warranty service as soon as possible! Because since July 2022, the Yocan after-sales service process has been upgraded. In order to provide customers with convenient and efficient warranty service, the distributor will directly handle the after-sales service.

After Sale Service and Warranty Policy

1. Yocan Tech offers a quality guarantee period of 3 months from date of purchase (‘Warranty Period’).

2. This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments. Atomizers, cartridges and other accessories are not covered under warranty.

3. This warranty is invalid as result of any of following conditions:

(a). Customer doesn’t provide below info to head shop.

①. Copy of purchase proof or receipt, which must include the purchase date.

②. Photos of the Yocan authenticity code.

③. Videos or photos to clearly show the problem of your device.

(b). Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to misuse or improper care from consumers.

(c). Merchandise inspected to be a counterfeit. Scroll below to know how to verify Yocan item.

4. Within Warranty Period, the head shop provide charge replacement of manufacturing defect which has been verified by Yocan. Please keep your purchase of proof and the verification code well in case of needing warranty service.

5. If you cannot claim a warranty from a local head shop, please DOWNLOAD this Yocan Claim Warranty Issues Collection Template (DOWNLOAD and fill out this form, send it to We will collect all problems and require them to assist you to claim the warranty.

Yocan Vape Troubleshooting And Guideline

Please visit Help Center page and for self-service to solve your problem quickly . If your problem is not listed in Help Center page and or it is not resolved after you operated as guidance, please contact your head shop or dealer to get the repair/replacement service.

How to Verify Yocan Authentic Code?

Please check our new Hologram Anti-counterfeit Label on back of the item package box, just follow these simple steps.

Yocan Evolve-plus-xl 2020 version package box

Step 1: Sway the label under light lightly.
Step 2: The square 3D metal relief effect plus “Yocan” gradually changes in shape at different viewing angles.
Step 3: Then please scratching off the silver coating on your product package, go to verify Yocan authentic code section And enter your security code to check whether it’s a genuine Yocan product.

Yocan authentic code