Yocan Ziva Box Mod Vape Frequently Asked Questions

The Ziva box mod vape is a stylish portable 510 vape battery. Yocan Tech is the original manufacturer of this product, and this vape mod is now available at major retail stations. The following content will present answers to frequently asked questions about these vape mods.

Why is it named Ziva?

Ziva signifies life and vitality, full of hope and light. It fits well with the cool and fashionable appearance of this box mod vape from Yocan, so this vape mod is named Ziva. It also implies that the person who uses this vape mod can have a positive state.

How do Ziva vape mods switch on and off?

Like most vapes, press the on/off button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn it on/off. The green light blinks slowly 5 times when you turn it on and the red light blinks slowly 5 times when you turn it off.

How many colors are available for the Ziva box mod?

Yocan Ziva has a total of seven colors to choose from (Dark Blue, Light Green, Gold, Red, Silver, Black, Blue Purple Gradient)

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How to preheat Yocan Ziva?

Press the power button twice to warm up the Ziva box in the power-on state, the warm-up voltage (1.8V) will light up blue when warming up. 10 seconds to end the preheat.

How to adjust the voltage of the Ziva box mod?

Under the power-on state, press the power button three times to adjust the voltage. First gear 2.6V lights blue for 1 second, second gear 3.2V lights green for 1 second, and third gear 3.8V lights red for 1 second.

What cartridges work with Yocan Ziva?

Yocan Ziva supports atomizer cartridges above 0.8 ohms. It is compatible with 510 threaded carts up to 60mm in height and 14mm in diameter.

How long does it take to fully charge the Ziva?

It takes 1.2 hours to fully charge, the red light is always on during charging. The light goes out when fully charged.

Can I use Ziva while charging?

Ziva does not support charging at the same time.

Where can I buy the original Ziva?

Currently, you can purchase the Ziva at Yocan’s official retail stores or at retail outlets that have partnered with Yocan. After receiving the goods, you can go to Yocan’s official website to verify the authenticity.

How to wholesale Yocan Ziva vape mods?

If you want to wholesale Yocan Ziva, you can go to Yocan’s official website and fill out the distribution application form. Or send inquiries to Yocan’s official website, there will be professional sales staff online 24 hours to provide quality quotations.

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