Yocan Best Vape Manufacturer Champs Trade Show Giveaway

Summer Champs Trade Show will hold in Las Vegas.Yocan Vape Pen Manufacturer will participate in the show from July 19th to July 22nd, booth 9005. During the show, Yocan official website will hold a vaporizer giveaway activity. There is no limit to the number of winners in this activity, and the prizes cover a wide range.

How to Participate in Yocan Champs Trade Show Giveaway?

The giveaway will be held offline. To participate in the giveaway, you need to visit the Champs Trade Show booth 9005 and take a photo with the staff of Yocan best vape manufacturer and share the photo on your social accounts to win the prize. The details of the event are described below.

Yocan vape manufacturer champs trade show giveaway
Yocan champs trade show giveaway

Prize Acquisition Rules

Scope of Prizes: There are 6 products as prizes in this event. They are Yocan Pillar, Yocan Hit, Kodo Pro, Yocan Cubex, Yocan Black Max, and Yocan Black Jaws.
First Prize: Take a photo with Yocan staff at Booth 9005. Sharing the photo and this event blog on your social media accounts @Yocan Tech, and you will win two Yocan Black Max+Yocan Black Jaws.
Second Prize: Take a video at booth 9005 and upload it to INS @Yocan Tech. You will win two products, Yocan Hit and Kodo Pro.
Third Prize: Share the group photo on social media @Yocan Tech. Then comment on any of Yocan’s blogs to win a Yocan Pillar electronic dab rig kit.
Fourth Prize: Share the group photo on Yocan Forum. You will receive a set of Yocan Cubex vape pens.
Yocan Vape Manufacturer Trade Show Giveaway

What is the importance of @Yocan Tech?

It’s worth mentioning that when you participate in the above activities and share the group photo on your social media accounts, make sure to remember @YocanTech so that the Yocan staff can contact you and send you the prize for free.

The Yocan Best vape manufacturer looks forward to seeing you at booth 9005 to learn about Yocan’s latest vaporizer technology and range of new products.

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