What Cartridges Work with Yocan Ziva 510 Vape Battery?

The Yocan Ziva 510 Vape Battery‘s compact design is very portable. The hidden cartridge design is perfect for the discreet vapor enthusiast and works just like a regular e-cigarette.
Below you will find detailed information about the specifications of the cartridges that are compatible with the Yocan Ziva Vape Battery.

What resistance atomizer does the Yocan Ziva 510 cart battery support?

An atomizer is part of a vape cartridge that is an element used to heat a liquid to convert it into vapor. The Ziva 510 Cart Battery supports atomizers with a resistance of 0.8 ohms or higher. Atomizers with lower resistance in them will heat up faster and produce a bit more vapor.
Atomizers with higher resistance heat up slower and provide a more controlled vaporizing experience. This helps retain vapor flavor better.So the resistance of the atomizer will be a factor you should focus on when choosing a cartridge.

Yocan Ziva 510 vape battery
Ziva built-in battery mod

Ziva 510 vape battery compatible cartridge diameter

The Yocan Ziva vape battery supports 510 threaded cartridges with a diameter of less than or equal to 14mm. The most common cartridges on the market today have a diameter of about 9-11mm, so the Yocan Ziva is compatible with most cartridges.

What is the height of the compatible cartridge for Yocan Ziva vaporizer mod?

The Ziva vaporizer mod is compatible with cartridges less than or equal to 62mm in height, if your cartridge exceeds this range you may not be able to use the Yocan Ziva.

Ziva’s built-in battery mod supports cartridge capacity

Regarding the cartridge capacity, Ziva Vape Battery supports carts up to 2ml.

To summarize, the specifications of Yocan Ziva 510 vape battery compatible cartridges are resistance less than 0.8 ohms, height less than 60 mm, and diameter less than 14 mm. Hopefully, this article has given you a more comprehensive understanding of the Ziva and the applicable cartridge.

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