How to Use the Yocan Ziva Vape Mod Battery?

Yocan Ziva is a USB rechargeable built-in battery mod. The battery capacity is up to 650 mAh, which is compatible with most of the 510 Carts on the market. The following content will introduce the usage of the Yocan Ziva vape mod battery in detail.

Preparation before using the Yocan Ziva 510 vape battery

Yocan Ziva fully charged

When you get the Yocan Ziva vape battery, the Ziva is not in a fully charged state as the battery power may be depleted due to logistics and transportation. So you should use a USB charging cable to charge the Ziva before using it. This will help prolong the life of your Yocan Ziva and improve your experience.

three-speed adjustable voltage Ziva vape battery
510 vape battery

Prepare 510 cart

Next, you need to prepare 510 threaded vape cartridges. Yocan Ziva supports atomizers above 0.8 ohm. Supports 510 Thread Cartridges up to 60 mm in height, 14 mm in diameter, and 2 mL or less in capacity.

Installation of 510 cart

Yocan Ziva vape battery body and base are connected magnetically. So removing and installing the Cartridge is very easy. Simply detach the bottom from the body and install the 510 Thread Cartridge onto the Yocan Ziva vape Box Mod base by twisting it in a clockwise direction.

Start using the Yocan Ziva vape mod battery

Turn on the Yocan Ziva

The Yocan Ziva vape battery’s on/off button is located directly below the base. To turn it on simply press and hold the power button five times quickly within three seconds, accompanied by the green light blinking slowly five times. To turn off the battery, press and hold the power button five times in three seconds, accompanied by five slow blinks of the red light.

Start preheating

Press the power button twice quickly to warm up the Yocan Ziva at 1.8V, the Yocan Ziva lights up blue. It only takes 10 seconds to complete the preheating and the preheating ends when the lights are off.

Voltage adjustment

Quickly press the power button three times to regulate the voltage, first gear 2.6V light blue light prompt 1 second. Second gear 3.2V light green light prompt 1 second, third gear 3.8V light red light 1 second. The higher the set voltage, the faster the heating speed and the relatively higher the temperature.

Start smoking

Once all the preparations have been made and the voltage has been adjusted, you are ready to start smoking. Yocan Ziva is an auto-draw vape that is very easy to vape and effortlessly immerses you in a dense cloud of vapor.

The above is a detailed description of how to use the Yocan Ziva vape battery. I hope it can be helpful for you to understand and use Ziva. If you have any other questions about Yocan Ziva, please leave your comments below and we will answer them patiently. We look forward to your comments.

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