How to Extend the Life of the Yocan Pillar Electronic Dabbing Rig?

To make your Yocan Pilllar electronic dabbing rig last longer, here are six tips for daily use. It can effectively increase the service life of the Yocan Pillar electric dabbing rig device!

Cleaning Yocan Pillar electric dabbing rig Coil

The coil is one of the most important components in an electronic dabbing rig. Some residue from the concentrate can very easily accumulate on the coils and affect the performance and taste experience of the Yocan Pillar. Regular cleaning of the TGT Coil helps maintain its efficiency. You can do this by gently twisting off the coils and rinsing them with warm water. Let it be completely dry before reconnecting and using it again. It is also important to clean the other components regularly, as mentioned in detail in the previous article How to Clean Yocan Pillar?

Use high-quality concentrates

The quality of the concentrate you use can affect the lifespan of your Yocan Pillar electronic dabbing rig. Poor quality or impure concentrates may leave a residue that can clog the TGT Coil and reduce performance. Choosing a high-quality concentrate can effectively improve the taste experience, and it will be easier to clean without polluting the e-rig equipment.

Yocan Pillar electronic dabbing rig
electric rig for dabs

Avoid Overfilling Concentrates

While it may be tempting to load a large amount of concentrate into a Yocan Pilllar electronic dab rig, it is very easy to cause the concentrate to heat unevenly. In addition, the concentrate cannot be pressed too tightly when filling, which will limit the generation of steam.

Allow Yocan Pillar electronic dabbing rig to cool naturally

Allow your Yocan Pillar dab e rig to cool down naturally after each dab. Do not rinse with cold water right away, sudden temperature changes can stress components and may cause damage. Reduced lifespan of Yocan Pillar equipment.

Proper placement of Yocan Pillar glass bubblers

Please treat your Yocan Pillar Glass Bubbler with care and avoid physical damage. When not in use, especially during travel, pay attention to the correct placement of glass components to prevent glass breakage.

Don’t drain the battery too much

Use the Yocan Pilllar electronic dabbing rig to avoid draining the battery completely and recharge it before it reaches extremely low levels. Battery performance may degrade over time, so it is also recommended that you keep an eye on your battery’s performance and consider replacing it if necessary.

By following these tips and properly maintaining your electric dab rig, you can maximize the life of your Yocan Pillar and continue to enjoy your dabbing experience for longer.


9 thoughts on “How to Extend the Life of the Yocan Pillar Electronic Dabbing Rig?

    • Sky says:

      If your coil is made of silicone material, it is recommended that you do not use alcohol (do not use alcohol with too high a concentration to prevent corrosion of the coil)

  1. Tamie Deel says:

    Thanks yocan! Very helpful info. When I got my first yocan cubex I didn’t know about the cleaning. Makes a huge difference!!

    • Sky says:

      Thank you for your suggestions, we will continue to work hard to improve. If you want to know some information about other products, please leave a message below. We will actively adopt it.

  2. Brad P says:

    That it great information! How do you get the ceramic part of the coil clean white again?

    • Sky says:

      Regarding this problem, it is recommended that you clean and maintain it regularly when you are using it. Some cleaning agents can be used properly when cleaning the coil to help whiten the ceramic part.

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