How Do You Use the Yocan Zen Electric Dab Pen?

The Yocan Zen vaporizer is a portable device specifically designed for vaporizing concentrates. It consists of different components. Includes 650mAh battery, innovative C4-DE heating element, magnetic mouthpiece and pick tool for loading concentrates.
Unlike traditional vaporizers. The Yocan Zen electric dab pen applicator offers a more discreet and efficient way to enjoy your favorite concentrates. In this article, we will briefly outline the detailed usage of the Yocan Zen dab pen vaporizer.

How to use the Yocan Zen electric dab pen step-by-step guide?

If you are new to dab pens, don’t worry! We will guide you through the entire process to ensure you have a perfect dabbing experience.

Yocan Zen Wax Vape Pen
Zen portable dab pen

Step 1: Preparing the Yocan Zen vaporizer

Before using the Yocan Zen electric dab pen, you must make sure the battery is fully charged. When you unpack the Yocan Zen you will find a USB cable inside. You can use this data cable with your mobile phone charger plug for fast and convenient charging.

Step 2: Loading the Concentrates

First, separate the mouthpiece from the C4-DE coil by easily pushing the Yocan Zen by hand at the top end of the mouthpiece. Then use the pickup tool included with the Yocan Zen electric vape pen to pick up a small amount of concentrate and place it inside the C4-DE coil chamber. Be careful not to overfill as this may affect the taste of the vapor.

Step 3: Turn on the Yocan Zen electric dab pen

Now that your dab pen is loaded, you can start trying to operate it to enjoy the delicious vapor. The on/off button is on the side of the Yocan Zen vaporizer, press the button 5 times quickly within two seconds, accompanied by the white light blinking 5 times to indicate. The power on is successful and the power off is the same as above.

Step 4: Setting the right voltage

Once the Yocan Zen electric dab pen starts up, you can adjust the temperature setting. In the power-on state, press the on/off key 3 times quickly to realize the voltage adjustment. The white light prompts for 2.8V voltage, the green light blinks for 3.2V voltage, and the red light blinks for 3.6V voltage. The higher the voltage, the faster the heating speed, users can choose the right voltage according to their preferences.

Step 5; Enjoy dabbing

After selecting the desired temperature, long press and hold the power button, Yocan Zen electric vape pen starts to heat the concentrate. Wait until the set temperature is reached and the concentrate is heated and vaporized, then enjoy the vapor by inhaling slowly and in a controlled manner from the mouthpiece.

We hope that with this step-by-step guide, you can explore and enjoy the perfect vapor experience with the Yocan Zen vape pen. To learn more please leave a comment below.

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    • Sky says:

      It depends on how long you use the device. The longer you use the device, the higher the temperature of the Yocan Zen dab pen and the longer it takes to cool down!

        • Sky says:

          Yes, when your output time exceeds 30 seconds, the power will be automatically cut off to stop the output. In addition, it also has low voltage protection, atomizer short circuit protection and overcharge protection!

      • Sky says:

        The C4-DE coil can be cleaned with alcohol swabs like traditional coils, but it should be noted that after cleaning, the coil needs to be dry before use. Avoid short circuit conditions!

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