What does a Yocan Zen Dab Pen do to You?

The dab pen is a trendy portable vaporizer device on the vaporizer market. Heats the concentrate via battery power and produces a large amount of vapor for the user to inhale. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest vaporizer devices on the market, you’ll want to know about the latest model, the Yocan Zen dab pen.

What is the Yocan Zen dab pen?

The Yocan Zen portable vape pen is the first vaporizer device featuring a ceramic & diatomaceous earth coil (C4-DE). It takes only three seconds to completely vaporize the concentrate and produce a large amount of pure-tasting vapor.

Yocan Zen electric dab vape pen

What are the features of the Yocan Zen electric dab pen?

Innovative C4-DE coil

The Zen dab pen vaporizer features the latest C4-DE coil, which is made of high-quality ceramic and food-grade diatomaceous earth. The heating performance is stable and can completely heat the concentrate evenly, heating quickly with high vapor volume and purer vapor taste.

650 mAh battery capacity

The Yocan Zen electric dab pen has a high battery capacity of 650 mAh, so you can use it all day long without worrying about power outages. With the TYPE-C charging port, a full charge takes only 1.5 hours.

Magnetic Attachment Mouthpiece

Yocan Zen features a strong magnetic connection at the mouthpiece. It makes loading and unloading concentrate easier and quicker, and you can separate the coil from the mouthpiece by gently pushing it.

Stainless steel

Yocan Zen electric vape pen overall body shell material is high quality stainless steel. It is very resistant to drops and abrasions and makes the whole device more fashionable and beautiful.

Three levels of voltage adjustment

Zen portable dab pen has three levels (2.6V-3.2V-3.6V) of controllable voltage adjustment.
Users can choose the suitable voltage for tapping according to their preferences.

To summarize, some of the features of the Yocan Zen vape pen are introduced above. To know more about Yocan Zen, please leave your comments below.

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