How to Make Yocan Pillar Erig Produce More Steam?

Are you getting the most out of your dab rigs? Have you enjoyed the rich steam and strong flavor experience brought by Yocan Pillar?
If your Yocan Pillar electric dab rig isn’t giving you enough steam clouds, here are a few factors you should consider.

What affects the amount of steam produced by a Yocan Pillar e-rig?

Increase voltage

Yocan Pillar electric dab rig has three levels of voltage for adjustment. Each voltage corresponds to a different heating temperature, the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature of the evaporated concentrate. The higher the heating temperature, the greater the amount of steam brought. So if you want your Pillar to generate more steam, you can adjust the voltage to third gear (4.2V).

Yocan Pillar wax erig
Pillar portable electric dab rig

Using Yocan Pillar TGT QUAD Coils

If you want to increase the dabbing level of your Pillar, the TGT QUAD coil is recommended. The Yocan Pillar TGT QUAD coil has a little more power and heats up faster, so the amount of steam produced is a little more efficient. Secondly, this coil is designed with 510 threaded connection, which is very convenient when using the replacement just by easily screwing it to complete the installation.

Adjusting the airflow

There is an airflow adjustment valve on the side of the Pillar electric dab rig, the purpose is to facilitate the user to customize the dab experience. Increased airflow allows more air to enter the Yocan Pillar intelligent e-rig, creating a larger vapor cloud. Inhale vapor quickly into the lungs.

Reducing the airflow restricts the amount of air entering the Yocan Pillar, which produces a richer vapor. The taste of steam will also be stronger, which is very suitable for consumers who like strong flavors.

Use High-Quality Concentrates

The quality and type of concentrate can significantly affect the amount of steam produced. With higher-quality concentrates, more steam will tend to be produced. Lower quality or stale concentrates may not evaporate effectively, resulting in less vapor production and less flavorful flavor.

The above content is about a few factors that affect the amount of steam produced by the Yocan Pillar e-rig. If you want to get more steam, you can use the above methods to improve the tap experience of Pillar. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a comment below to share more good tips on using Pillar.

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