Yocan iCan is a new generation of e rig

Yocan iCan, a brand new e rig product, is officially launched. It is not just a vape, but also a perfect replacement for the traditional dab rig! iCan represents the innovative crystallization of Yocan manufacturer’s continuous pursuit of high quality, bringing surprises and new experiences to more vape lovers. Let’s learn all about iCan

Yocan iCan e rig Exquisite and stylish appearance

The entire body of Yocan iCan is like a small cup, with a round and full feel but not easy to slip. It combines the grip of the palm with the design of a streamlined light groove buffer around the body. Under the gorgeous light, Yocan iCan e rig’s exquisite and fashionable technological style is oncoming.

1100MAH battery with powerful battery life

It’s a comprehensive solution for both casual users and avid vapers alike, powered by a powerful 1100mAh battery with Type-C charging that delivers enough power to last you a day of vaping and more.

QBC Coil Applications

Newly upgraded QBC coil rotating airflow innovative technology. The light combined with the coil allows you to monitor the progress of your concentrate at all times. The stable performance of the Yocan QBC coil can bring you a high-quality experience in the long term.

Enhanced steam carbon cap design

Press the carbon cap down to release the airflow inside the device as much as possible. Get a lot of steam instantly and enjoy a smooth and silky experience.

Customizable automatic voltage

With variable voltage automatic adjustment. The first five seconds of 3.6V maximum power output meets your needs in time. The last 30 seconds automatically drop to 3.2V power output to save energy for you. Allowing you to create the exact experience you want.

Rotatable and removable nozzle

The 360° rotatable nozzle allows you to enjoy suction in any direction. Its disassembly function allows for easy cleaning! A device that is fully designed for you.

Extra-long heating time and RGB vibration alert

Yocan iCan can achieve a maximum heating time of 35 seconds, releasing the maximum potential of the concentrate. After 8 seconds of heating, the device vibrates to remind you, and the RGB light turns on. Outline the outline of the wonderful steam cloud that is about to appear.

Protection function

The iCan has multiple protection functions to protect you

  1. Low voltage protection. 2. Short circuit protection. 3. Overcharge protection. 4. Lithium battery protection.

Yocan iCan color scheme

There are 6 colors in total. Black, white, peach, blue, purple, green.

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