Yocan iCan E Rig User Manual Download

The new generation Yocan iCan e rig has excellent performance and brand-new design elements. The battery life of the 1100 mAh large battery and the new QBC coil design and application with rotating airflow. Its convenience and rich functions successfully inherit the excellent genes of the Yocan family and are a perfect alternative to traditional dab rigs. You are welcome to provide more suggestions about iCan e rig!

Yocan iCan e rig has achieved a higher level in both stylish appearance and powerful performance. We look forward to customizing more colors in addition to the current 6 colors. Welcome global dealers and agents and fans of Yocan manufacturers to make valuable suggestions! Here are some more features of Yocan iCan e rig:

  1. QBC coil atomizer with rotating airflow
  2. Enhanced airflow carb cap
  3. Rotatable and removable nozzle
  4. 35 seconds long heating time (8 seconds preheating)
  5. 1100 mAh large capacity battery
  6. Adjustable voltage
  7. RGB lighting around the body
  8. On-demand mode and automatic mode
  9. Net weight: 183 grams
  10. Transparent cup water device

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