What Type of Best Electronic Dab Rig Produces the Most Steam?

Every user wants to find an electronic portable dab rig that produces the most vapor and has the smoothest taste.
A quality best electronic dab rig can give you an amazing taste experience! The following section will show you what kind of e dab rig can produce great steam and great taste!

What factors determine the amount of steam produced by best electronic dab rig?

The voltage of the electronic dab rig

The voltage of the electric e-rig’s battery determines the amount of vapor that can be produced. With constant current and constant resistance, the higher the voltage, the greater the amount of vapor.
The adjustable voltage Yocan Pillar electronic dab rig allows users to customize the voltage adjustment settings. 3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V are three levels of voltage adjustment, this voltage range is the optimal temperature range for vaporizing concentrates. Users can adjust the voltage according to the size of their lung capacity by pressing the button three times quickly during use.

The resistance value of atomizing core

With constant current and constant voltage, the lower the resistance value, the higher the current, the faster and more pronounced the heating, and therefore the amount of smoke. Yocan Pillar e-rig uses high-quality TGT coils and is equipped with two coils (TGT-P and TGT-QUAD). Resistance values range from 0.4 to 0.5 ohms, with the TGT-QUAD burning the fastest and producing the most vapor.

Yocan electronic portable dab rig

Coil type of electronic dab rig

Generally, ceramic coils allow for uniform heating and ensure efficient evaporation of concentrates, thus producing a greater amount of vapor. Yocan Pillar best dab e rig uses advanced TGT coil technology, which allows for rapid heating while producing concentrated vapor.

User’s lung capacity

Wanting to get a lot of vapor also has a lot to do with a person’s lung capacity. People with high lung capacity take a puff and the steam rolls in; people with low lung capacity take a breath and only a tiny amount of steam is produced.
Yocan e dab rig can take up to 30s of breath, so if you have an excellent lung capacity, you can produce a very large amount of steam.

The type of concentrate

Different types of concentrates have different melting boiling points, whereas concentrates with higher viscosity, such as waxes or crumbs, tend to produce thicker vapor clouds than liquids or oils. This is because thicker concentrates require more heat to evaporate, which can result in more dense vapor.

Does an electronic dab rig taste better with more steam?

In fact, if the vaporizer produces too much vapor and the temperature is too high, it can sometimes produce a pungent or burnt taste instead.

Ultimately, the amount of vapor produced by an e rigs for dabs is influenced by a combination of factors. We should buy a device that supports custom control of voltage and vapor volume when shopping. The Yocan Pillar best e-rig is a good choice to find the best vapor production and flavor according to your preference.

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