Yocan Pillar Mini E Rigs Giveaway

It’s time again for Yocan’s giveaway event. This time we are giving away our latest Yocan Pillar mini e-rig. This is another innovation and upgrade that we have achieved in our products! This hand-held e-rig was developed in response to the taste needs of consumers.

Friends who follow our official website must have a certain understanding of Yocan Pillar mini e-rig. In the previous blog, I made a lot of introductions to this product. Friends who don’t know can go and look it up. If you want to know more about this product, please comment below.

Today I will focus on introducing the giveaway activity of Yocan Pillar e dab rig.

Event prize:Yocan Pillar mini e-rig kit.(One for each of the top three)

Yocan best e rig giveaway
High quality e-rig manufacturers giveaway activity

Yocan Pillar mini e-rig activity rules

This giveaway is the same as before, we use Gleam for the draw. Complete the following tasks in the entry, and the top three with the highest scores will be the winners.

The Important tasks you need to complete

1: Browse the Yocan Pillar page, and those who stay for more than 50 seconds will get 10 points
2: Share any blog post on Yocan Pillar small e rig on our website to Reddit to get 10 points
3: Please write an article on our official website forum, to share your experience with Yocan-related products and get 10 points
4: Share Yocan Pillar on your Facebook to add 8 points
Yocan Pillar Giveaway
The scores of the previous tasks are relatively high, and you need to focus on completing them, so that the chances of winning will be greater.
Activity time: March 21, 2023 – March 26, 2023
Number of winners: the top three will be awarded
Do you want to own this portable mini e-rig? Hurry up and take action, just repost and share to have a chance to claim prizes! Looking forward to you getting in touch with us.

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