How to maintain Yocan Cubex vaporizer?

A high-quality vaporizer must have a thick heating wire and a steel ring protection on the outside. A atomizer with a width of about 5mm can ensure a good smoke output. The vaporizer is very important, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, it is also the most easily damaged. So for a novice Yocan Cubex, how to maintain it daily?

How to protect Yocan Cubex?

Some novices often experience improper operation and damage to the vaporizer when they first use the vaporizer . They think that the quality of the product is not good enough. In fact, if you pay attention to the correct maintenance and cleaning methods of the vaporizer , these problems can still be avoided.

The core of the Yocan Cubex atomizer is the atomizing core, and the atomizing core is composed of some accessories such as resistance wire and oil-conducting cotton. The common problem of the atomizer is that it will produce a burnt smell. The reason is that the resistance wire heating temperature is too high and the oil-conducting cotton is burnt, resulting in a peculiar smell. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the remaining amount of e-liquid during daily use, and do not dry the atomizer to prolong its service life.

Therefore, in the maintenance of the atomizing core, it is best to keep the concentrated liquid at not less than 1/3 of the liquid level. In this way, the root of the suction rope of the atomizing core is wetted by the concentrated liquid as much as possible to avoid the drying of the atomizing core and prolong the life of the atomizing core (the atomizing core is well maintained and replaced every half a month) . Just like a candle, the wick will carbonize if you don’t supply wax to the wick.

Yocan Cubex not only has a new quad design, but also makes use of exquisite metallic texture.

How to clean Yocan Cubex atomizer?

After the Yocan Cubex atomizer is used for a period of time, the interior of the atomizer will be stained with some non-volatile liquid condensation. If it accumulates too much, it will affect the atomization effect of the atomizer, which will cause the taste to change. It needs to be cleaned regularly. The daily cleaning frequency of the atomizer is recommended to be cleaned once a week.
In addition, when changing concentrates of different flavors, it is also necessary to clean the atomizer in advance to prevent the residual odor of various flavors.Such as burnt smell, choking throat, choking lungs, etc., which will affect the taste experience.

The above are the points that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of the Yocan atomizer. Doing a good job of maintaining the atomizer can effectively help us prolong the service life of the atomizer.