How to extend the life of Yocan Cubex vaporizer?

After more than ten years of development, Yocan vaporizers have been constantly improving and repeatedly adjusting pressure and temperature control according to user needs to find high-quality products that fully meet user needs. Electronic vaporizer technology has gradually become relatively mature, and has established a good brand image. This article is intended to help vapers, especially concentrated wax consumers, maintain and maintain their Yocan Cubex coils and wax atomizers to prolong their overall lifespan.

Why learn how to increase the usage time of Yocan products?

First of all, from the perspective of long-term development and responsibility to Yocan users, it can help users effectively save costs. After all, the cost of concentrates is also increasing. The second is to bring you the best experience, as experienced users of atomizers know. After using the atomizer for a period of time, some impurities will remain inside the coil and the atomizer, and these impurities will affect your using experience, and the taste will be slightly deviated. In order to allow you to enjoy the pure taste experience brought by the TGT coil for a long time, it is very necessary for you to know the precautions when using the Cubex atomizer vape pen.

Yocan Cubex vaporizer pen
Yocan Cubex vape pen

Pay attention to the following three points when using Yocan Cubex vaporizer

Battery maintenance

Timely charge the battery inside the Yocan Cubex vaporizer pen main unit. The body of Cubex uses high-quality lithium batteries. It is taboo to charge lithium batteries for a long time. Charging the electronic cigarette for a long time will cause damage to the lithium battery and affect the service life of the vaporizer. Therefore, when charging, you should pay attention to recharging after the battery is used up. It is fully charged at one time, do not cut off the power halfway, and it is better to use it after it is fully charged. The atomizer uses the TGT heating core to heat the concentrate. The temperature generated by the heating core is relatively high. Using it while charging will easily cause the battery temperature to be too high and accelerate the consumption of battery life. Remember to turn off the device after use to avoid wasting power and consuming the battery.

Clean up the host

Pay attention to cleaning the concentrated liquid at the interface of the host. During the use of the nebulizer, it is inevitable that there will be accumulation or leakage of condensate. Timely disposal of these liquids can effectively avoid damage to the host. If it is not handled in time, the condensate will corrode the screws and other metal parts on the top of the host, and even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the host and cause greater damage to the host.

Clean the Cubex atomizer regularly

It is recommended that when the atomizer is used, the atomizer should be disassembled and cleaned every time one or two chambers are pumped. Focus on cleaning the condensate in the atomization chamber and flue, and at the same time, pay attention to cleaning the liquid in the base of the atomizer for the finished atomizer with air intake at the bottom. If the Cubex atomizer is not used for a long time, be sure to check whether there is condensation inside the fuselage, and if so, wipe it off in time to avoid corrosion caused by long-term non-use.
No matter what type of vaporizer equipment you own from Yocan, it is very important to maintain regular maintenance. For the main engine, regular maintenance can ensure that the equipment will not be damaged and prolong its service life. At the same time, it can also guarantee the output capacity of the host, maintain the strongest output performance at any time, provide a steady stream of power for the atomizer, and allow users to obtain the best use effect.

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