How to Improve Dabbing Technique?

If you already own a Yocan Pillar portable dabbing rig and are already using it. Then you can consider constantly improving your smearing technique during use, which can bring you a lot of benefits!

What benefits of improving the dabbing technique?

Get more delicious flavor

Yocan Pillar electric rig for dabs involves vaporizing concentrates in its use. It can provide a more effective and tasty experience than traditional vaping methods. When you use the Yocan Pillar through constant practice, you can find the best temperature to heat your concentrate to and the right amount of vapor for you to inhale. Allowing you to enjoy the full flavor in your concentrate and get high fast.

Cost savings on concentrates

Applying the concentrate is more effective than sucking flowers, because the concentrate is a highly concentrated form. By improving your dabbing technique, you can allow the Yocan Pillar e-dabbing rig to fully evaporate your concentrate. You only need to add a small amount of concentrate to get a decent amount of steam every time, which reduces waste and saves you money.

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Yocan Pillar e-dabbing rig

6 tips to help you continuously improve your dabbing experience

Fully understand the Yocan Pillar dabbing e-rig

The Yocan Pillar portable e-dab rig is designed to heat concentrates through the TGT coils, suitable for evaporation in the form of waxes. A good understanding of the working principle of the applicator you are using, the voltage range, the airflow regulating valve and other working elements can save you a lot of time in setting up the automatic electric dab rig.

Invest in quality dabbing rig equipment

The Yocan Pillar portable e-dabbing rig is a great choice. Affordable, compact, and portable, and heats up quickly and sufficiently to ensure a great amount of vapor is produced. It’s worth mentioning that the Yocan Giveaway is currently being held and there are two Yocan Pillars among the prizes to be won.

Dose control

Start practicing with small doses to avoid wastage. As you become more comfortable and experienced in the dabbing process. You can start by increasing your dose gradually.

Inhalation technique

When inhaling vapors, inhale slowly and steadily to ensure that you get the full flavor and effect. Some people prefer to do long, slow inhalations, while others prefer shorter, faster inhalations. You can keep experimenting to find out what works best for you.

Cleaning Your Yocan Pillar e-dabbing rig Unit

Clean your Yocan Pillar applicator regularly to maintain optimum performance and flavor. Residue buildup can hinder heat distribution and affect the overall experience.

Exercises and Experiments

Improving your smudging technique takes a lot of practice and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different temperatures, application sizes, and inhalation techniques, finding what works best for you is what matters!

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