Yocan Official Vaporizer Giveaway

The time for Yocan official Giveaway is up, and there are plenty of prizes for this event. Especially the top three winners will have the opportunity to win two Yocan vaporizers simultaneously. Are you excited? The following content will introduce the prizes and participation methods of this Giveaway event in detail.

Yocan official giveaway awards
Yocan official vaporizer

Yocan official Giveaway event rules

Event time: June 19, 2023 – June 30, 2023 (Pacific Time)
Age: Must be at least 21 years old!
Number of winners: 6
Prizes: The first winner can get: Yocan Pillar (one piece) + Yocan Orbit (one piece)
The second prize: Yocan Orbit (one piece) + Yocan UNI Pro (one piece)
Third place: Yocan Pillar e-rig device (one piece)
Remaining three winners: Yocan Orbit vape pen (one each)
All winners’ prizes will be shipped free of charge by Yocan vape manufacturer to the winners!

How to access Yocan official Giveaway?

It is very simple to enter and participate in Yocan Giveaway activities, you just need to find and enter the Yocan official website. And find the latest Giveaway activity to participate in the activity. You can also enter and participate in activities through Yocan Forum, Yocan’s social accounts, and other channels.
Yocan Official Vaporizer Giveaway

How to win Yocan vape?

The question that every participant is most concerned about is how to win this competition. First of all, you should carefully read the tasks in the above Gleam, and you can get extra points for completing each task in Gleam carefully. Some of these tasks can be completed every day, and you can get extra points every day. The key to the ultimate victory lies in persistence every day, such as sharing blogs to social accounts every day, carefully browsing some pages for more than 5 seconds every day, etc., and some simple operations can get a higher score. Yocan will also share some winning tips in detail in the forum, you are welcome to pay attention at any time.
Finally, I hope that every friend who participates in this event can get an ideal prize in his heart. At the same time, we welcome more new friends to learn about Yocan.



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