How to use Yocan Cylo vape?


Yocan Cylo wax pen
Cylo smart concentrate vaporizer

Yocan Cylo is the latest product officially launched by Yocan, the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry. This atomizer will be available in December 2023, with a cool appearance and a 96-inch TFT high-definition display. It provides precise power display, voltage adjustment control, multi-function working mode selection, smoking timing light effect selection, and other functions, and can be used in any scene. Its dimensions are 26×43.8x114mm, net weight: is 135 grams. Therefore, this is a great carrying partner as it has C4-DE Plus technology that is powerful enough. The larger chamber volume can hold more concentrations, yet is small enough to fit comfortably in a clothing pocket or travel bag. Let you enjoy smoking anytime and anywhere.
Each package comes with a portable Yocan Cylo (pre-installed coil), reducing the hassle of reinstalling coils during use. Also included in the package is an extra C4-DE Plus coil, a pick-up tool for loading concentrates, a Type-C cable, swabs for cleaning the coil, and a product manual!

Its common functions

1. Power on: Click the button 5 times to start Yocan Cylo vape. After 2 seconds, enter the main interface.
2. Shut down: When the phone is on, press the power button 5 times to turn it on.
3. Sleep: No operation, the screen will turn off after 10 seconds. Press any button in standby mode to wake up the machine.
4. Connect the atomizer to the power supply: Select the atomizer you want to use and connect the battery.
Mode switching method: In the power-on state, press the power button 3 times continuously to enter the menu TIME/LAMP MODE operation interface and adjust the working time and lighting mode of your atomizer.
5. Working mode: 1. Press the power button twice in succession to enter the automatic working mode. 2. Press and hold the fire button to turn on manual mode. For more functions, please refer to the Cylo manual.

Its detailed parameters

1. Load: 0.3 or more
2. Battery capacity: 1300mAH (20400)
3. Dimensions: 26×43.8×114 mm. Net weight: 135g
4. Color: red gold, green purple, black, white, white black, blue red
5. Packaging contents: Type-C charging cable, instruction manual, cigarette cream spoon, cotton swab
6. Atomizer head: C4-DE PLUS Resistor: 08 ohm
7. Charging time: 90 minutes
8.510 thread: can be used with Yocan Evolve series 510 atomizer head
Hope this information helps you! Thank you for your attention and support to Yocan manufacturers!

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    • Sky says:

      Under normal circumstances, the concentrate evaporator will add one spoon at a time, and not too much. This depends on each person’s usage habits and dosage. But Cylo can add a lot of scoops. You can find many users’ experiences on YouTube

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