How to clean a Yocan Dyno?

If you are a Yocan Dyno owner, you know how amazing this device is. It is the latest nectar collector vaporizer from Yocan. It’s portable, powerful, and delivers a smooth, delicious taste. But to keep your Yocan Dyno in top condition, you must clean it regularly. Otherwise, you may encounter clogged, dirty, or damaged parts that affect the performance and flavor of the device. Cleaning the Yocan Dyno is easy. I’ll show you how to clean it step by step. You’ll be able to enjoy your vaporizer like never before.


Why Clean Your Yocan Dyno Regularly?

Regular cleaning of your Yocan Dyno is important for several reasons. First, it helps maintain the quality and flavor of your steam. If you don’t clean your equipment, residue, and debris from your herbs or concentrates can build up and affect the taste and potency of your product. Secondly, it helps prevent clogging and damage to your equipment. Failure to clean equipment, resulting in restricted airflow or heating. Finally, it helps extend the life and performance of your equipment.

Disassembling and reassembling the Yocan Dyno.

To clean your Yocan Dyno, you need to disassemble it properly.
1. Remove the glass bubbler. Please remove the glass bubbler from the top of the vaporizer first. You can do this by lifting it with your hands and slowly pulling it out. It is designed to snap directly in and have a good seal. Be careful not to drop or break the glass bubbler.
2. Remove the magnetic tip and cover. Remove the magnetic ceramic tube tip and magnetic tip cap from the vaporizer. Thanks to its magnetic design, you can pull them off with your fingers. Simple and portable. Please complete the operation after the device has cooled down to avoid burning your hands.
3. Place the main body of the vaporizer. Yocan Dyno preparation before cleaning is complete.

Clean Glass Aerator and Magnetic Ceramic Tip Kit

Cleaning requires the use of alcohol, cotton swabs and cleaning brushes
1. First, clean the glass bubbler and blow air from the upper end of the glass bubbler. The pressure formed will blow out the remaining liquid inside the glass bubbler. Complete the cleanup with a cotton swab and brush dipped in alcohol and gently wiping the inside and outside.
2. Next, clean the magnetic ceramic tube tip set, dip a cotton swab in alcohol, and gently wipe the residue and dirt on the inside and outside of the ceramic tube tip set. Make sure to use a small cleaning brush to clean small areas.
Do not use too much alcohol or apply too much pressure in the above steps to avoid possible damage to the parts. After cleaning, just wait for it to dry.

Complete assembly

To reassemble, perform the same steps in reverse order. Make sure parts are aligned correctly and securely. Do not use excessive force to hold the parts together. You’ve made it here, congratulations! The entire cleaning and assembly steps of our Yocan Dyno are complete. Among all Yocan products, it is the best and most portable vaporizer. What needs to be noted is in completing the cleanup work. The disassembly process requires the device to remain unopened. If the device has been used before disassembly, please cool it for a few minutes before proceeding. Secondly, place the disassembled parts of the carburetor properly, and do not allow the body of the carburetor to come into contact with water during the cleaning process to avoid

Product packaging details of Yocan Dyno Digital Nectar Collector with Glass Bubbler (Contains: 1x Dyno Device 1x Ceramic Tube Tip 1x Tip Cover (Pre-installed) 1xType-C Cable 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Instructions Manual)

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