Yocan Ziva Best Concealed Vape Battery

The Yocan Ziva is a compact and portable 510 concealed vape battery with great compatibility with standard 510 cartridges on the market. The best thing about the Yocan Ziva concealed vape battery is that it completely hides the cartridge inside the vaporizer mod.

Origin of the Yocan Ziva concealed vape battery

The Ziva concealed vape battery concept arose out of growing consumer demand for unobtrusive vaping devices. These vaping devices allow for discreet use in public without attracting attention. Yocan Ziva simulates the appearance design of ordinary vape, allowing users to carry their vaporizer equipment in public places and enjoy the vapor cloud at any time.

Yocan Ziva portable concealed vape battery
conceal vape battery

What benefits of using Yocan Ziva concealed vape battery?

Compact size

The ergonomically designed Yocan Ziva vaporizer mod is comfortable to hold. It can be fully held with only one hand. Secondly, the Ziva is compact, lightweight, and very portable. So they can easily fit in a pocket, purse, or cubby, a must-have for traveling.

Completely hidden cart

The Yocan Ziva can fit the 510 cartridges completely inside the battery. No part of the cartridge is exposed on the outside. This is very friendly with which discreet cloud chasers, no one knows what is smoking.

Protecting the cartridge

Usually glass ink cartridges and plastic ink cartridges are easily broken. Fully insert the cartridge into the Ziva conceal vape battery without worrying about cartridge damage. The Yocan Ziva vaporizer mod shell is an aluminum alloy body that is very drop-resistant and durable.

Auto draw-activated

Ziva auto-draw vape is auto draw-activated. Activated when the user inhales, this eliminates the need for complicated setup and adjustments, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience. On the other hand, it can effectively reduce the waste of battery power and make the use more stable.

Customized vapor volume

Yocan Ziva conceal vape battery has three levels of voltage adjustment (2.6V—3.2V—3.8V). Users can set the corresponding voltage according to their preference, and the higher the voltage, the higher the amount of vapor produced!

To sum up, it is an introduction to the advantages of using Yocan Ziva concealed vape battery. Yocan is looking for distributors all over the world, if you want to cooperate with Yocan, please send an inquiry now!

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