What are the Heat Settings on the Yocan Zen Best Dab Pen?

Heat settings play a crucial role in dabbing pens as they directly affect the flavor and vapor production. By adjusting the heat settings when using a Yocan Zen best pen for dabs, you can customize the dabbing experience to your liking.
In this article, we will explore the importance of heat settings and how they can enhance your experience with the Yocan Zen best portable dab pen.

What heat settings does the Yocan Zen best dab pen for concentrates offer?

The Yocan Zen best dab pen offers a range of heat settings to suit different people’s preferences. The following details the heating ranges.

Yocan Zen best pen for dabs
Zen best dab pen for concentrates

Low heat setting (2.8V)

The low heat setting is perfect for those who prefer a smoother, gentler vapor. The corresponding voltage is 2.8V and the temperature range is typically 320°F to 350°F (160°C to 177°C). The low heat setting preserves the original flavor of the concentrate while producing the least amount of vapor.

Medium Heat Setting (3.2V)

The Zen best dab pen medium heat setting is 3.2 V. The temperature range of 350°F to 390°F (177°C to 199°C) provides a balance between flavor preservation and vapor production. It provides more robust vapor while still delivering satisfying flavor.

High heat setting (3.6V)

The Yocan Zen vape pen for concentrates has a high heat setting ranging from 390°F to 430°F (199°C to 221°C) at 3.6V. Ideal for those looking for intense vapor. It quickly produces large clouds of dense vapor for the user to inhale.

For novices using the Zen electric dab pen for the first time, it is recommended to start with a low-temperature setting and gradually experiment with higher voltage ranges as you gain experience and tolerance.

The heat setting maximizes satisfaction with the Yocan Zen best dab pen. Concentrate utilization can be effectively improved by fully understanding the different heating settings of Yocan Zen’s best dab pen for concentrates to discover the perfect balance of flavor and vapor production.

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