How Often does Yocan Hold Giveaway Events?

Yocan will hold giveaway activities such as electric dab rig from time to time throughout the year to give back to our fans and let new users know about us.

The e-dab rig event held on the Yocan official website in early April has ended. Congratulations to Kayla Holloway and Benjamin Mead for their final victory in a fierce competition! Let’s all congratulate them!

For those who did not win, first of all, thank you for actively participating in our Yocan electric dab rig online Giveaway event. At the same time, I hope you will not be discouraged and tell you a piece of good news. Yocan’s official social media account is currently running a Giveaway campaign! Two winners will be selected, follow Yocan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to participate in the sweepstakes!

Yocan Pillar affordable e rig
Yocan electric dab rig giveaway

Why hold a electric dab rig Giveaway event?

Yocan is committed to the production and development of high-quality electric dab rig and vaporizer equipment and wholesales to the world. We hope that concentrate enthusiasts all over the world can obtain high-quality vaporizer equipment at the lowest cost. Experience the different steam tastes and atomization experiences.

What can you get by participating in Yocan Giveaway?

For concentrate lovers, you can subscribe to Yocan official website or follow our Yocan official social media account to learn about the event information as soon as possible. By participating in the Giveaway event, you can get our latest products.Such as the Yocan Pillar e-dab rig, or other series of atomizer vape pens and other products.

Which product do you want for the next Yocan official website Giveaway event?

We respect our fans and users very much and hope to understand our users better through Giveaway activities. We very much hope that you can make reasonable suggestions for our activities. For example, which product do you want as a prize in the next Giveaway event? What kind of activity do you want? Welcome to the comment below, we will actively adopt your valuable opinions.

Last but not least, don’t forget to go to social media events! Go and win the latest Yocan Pillar e-dab rig.



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