Online Yocan E-Rig Kit Giveaway

April has started and April Fool’s Day has passed. Hope you all had a great April Fool’s Day! Here’s an announcement to make you happy, the official Yocan Giveaway for April has started! Fans who didn’t win a Yocan portable e-rig kit in the last campaign will have another chance!

Prizes: New Yocan e-rig kit (one piece)
New Yocan Cubex (one piece)
Number of winners: 2
Event Period: April 3, 2023 – April 10, 2023
Note: Must be 21 years old or older!

How do I enter the Yocan portable e-rig kit giveaway?

We are hosting this event at Yocan official, so you must first go to the official Yocan website. Click on Support on the home page navigation bar, you will see the Yocan Giveaway in the drop-down menu click on it to see our latest Yocan e-rig kit Giveaway event.

Yocan smart hand held e-rig
Yocan electric dab rig manufacturers

How can I win a Yocan e-rig kit prize?

In this activity, we adopt the form of task lottery, and every time you complete a task, you can get extra points. There will be two lucky winners who will receive our prizes. The first place with the highest score will get a brand new Yocan Pillar e-rig kit, and the second place with the highest score will get a Yocan Cubex.
Online Yocan e-rig Giveaway

What are the high-scoring tasks?

First: Get 10 points for browsing the Yocan Pillar portable e rig page for more than 40 seconds.
Second: Forward and share this blog to any social account to get 10 reward points.
Third: Leave a message below any blog about Yocan Pillar to get 10 points.
Fourth: Join Yocan’s official forum to get 10 points.
The above four tasks are the high-scoring tasks in this event and the key to winning this competition.

How do I know if I get Yocan Pillar?

When our event ends, that is April 10th Pacific time. Winners and scores will be announced in the Gleam above. You can follow the notification on our page on the day the event ends, and of course we will also contact the winners by email.

Hurry up and complete the tasks in the entry, I hope you can become our winner!

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  1. Kriss Kelly Standke says:

    So hard to win… won’t hold my breath. I’d be satisfied with a reply to my email to support… good luck everyone!

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