Yocan Cylo New Generation Smart Display Concentrate Vaporizer

The latest smart concentration vaporizer is now on the market. Yocan Cylo is the first portable concentrate vaporizer with a smart display. The following content will give you a comprehensive understanding of this vaporizer.

Features of Yocan Cylo concentrate vaporizer

Yocan has always been aiming to enhance user experience, constantly innovating and upgrading, and finally innovating the Yocan Cylo, a smart concentrate vaporizer device. The following is an introduction to the features of Yocan Cylo.

Smart color OLED display design

Yocan Cylo uses a high-definition OLED display. The screen can display the remaining power, voltage, working time, working mode selection and lighting effect selection of the Cylo concentrate vaporizer in high definition.

Yocan Cylo wax pen
Cylo smart concentrate vaporizer

1300 mAh super long battery life

Yocan Cylo uses a 1300 mAh ultra-large capacity battery that can be fully charged in just 90 minutes. The working time is 15 seconds when fully charged, and it can be pumped 70 times when fully charged.

Precise voltage regulation

Cylo Concentrate vaporizer enables precise voltage regulation settings. It supports voltage adjustment starting from 2.0V, and the voltage adjustment amplitude is accurate to 0.1V. Press and hold the plus and minus keys on the fuselage to set the voltage adjustment. The maximum voltage is 4.2V.

Upgraded C4-DE Plus coil

Cylo has also been upgraded on the coil, using the C4-DE Plus coil. The larger chamber volume can accommodate more concentrates, heat evenly and quickly, and produce a large amount of pure-tasting vapor quickly.

Convenient loading of concentrates

The Yocan Cylo concentrate vaporizer nozzle and coil adopt a strong magnetic connection design. When loading the concentrate, you only need to gently move the cigarette holder from the side to separate the cigarette holder and coil and start loading the concentrate. You can use the pickup tool included inside the Cylo when filling concentrates. The best-recommended tool is the Yocan Blade dabbing hot knife.

6 colors available

Smart Yocan Cylo offers 6 stylish colors for consumers to choose from. Professional ID designers carefully match each color. Consumers can choose according to their preferences.

What’s in the Yocan Cylo Smart Vaporizer package?

When you open the Cylo package, you’ll find many accessories inside. A portable Yocan Cylo is included (with the coil already pre-assembled), reducing the hassle of having to reinstall the coil when using it. Also included in the package are an extra C4-DE Plus Coil, a pick-up tool for loading concentrates, a Type-C Cable, cotton swabs for cleaning the coil, and a product manual!
The above content is an introduction to some of the features of the Yocan Cylo vaporizer. If you want to explore more features, please visit the Yocan Cylo details page.

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