Yocan Armor Vape Pen Giveaway

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The Yocan Armor vape pen is a portable vaporizer that ensures you have a sleek and stylish vape device that’s discreet and durable. It is a compact, on-the-go vaporizer pen that heats up your concentrates in one second flat.

Yocan Armor photo by thevape_guide

Armor Features:

380mAh Battery Capacity
QDC Technology
10-Second Pre-Heat Function
Preset Temperature Profiles
Fast USB Charging
Inclusive Dab Tool
Functional Coil Cap
Fully Charged In 30 Min
Micro USB Charging
Six stylish colors
Compact And Portable
All in One System
Presetting voltage levels:
Low: 3.0V / one light on
Medium: 3.5V / two lights on
High: 4.0V / three light on
Sleek and Smooth Design

How to Enter Yocan Armor Vape Pen Giveaway?

10 ways to enter this Yocan Armor Vape Pen giveaway as below. Great chance to get a Yocan Armor for free.

Yocan Armor Giveaway

38 thoughts on “Yocan Armor Vape Pen Giveaway

  1. Cameron Shawcross says:

    I love the Evolve Plus! Instant heating, large chamber, long lasting battery, storage chamber, and all of the cool colors??? I also own the Magneto but that takes a little bit to heat up – the Evolve Plus is where it’s at!!

  2. Christina Towner says:

    I own the Yocan Evolve and the Yocan Delux and Yocan Dive mini. I can honestly say I have no bad things to say about them. They have thee most reliable products out there. Hands down!!!!!!!

  3. Allen Brooks says:

    I own an Evolve, an Evolve plus XL, and a Magneto, and I love bits of each but overall I’d have to go with the Magneto. The one thing I’m not too fond of, however, is the finger-print-loving finish (I have the black), I’m constantly wiping off the oily fingerprints. The matte black of my plus XL is beautiful and the greenof my Evolve is my favorite. Anyhoo, so I’ve been looking at the Armor and Armor plus, only photographs so far, and I really like its look, it’s got nice lines. So if I don’t win one, you know I’ll be purchasing one anyway. And that’s why I should win one!

    Thanks, Allen Brooks

  4. Tammie Ott says:

    The yocan magneto has it all ! From top to bottom starting with the magnetic parts no more gooped up threads, to the dabbing tool being incorporated, to the holding stash in the bottom. It’s by far the best !!!

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