Yocan Tech Announces Crackdown on Counterfeit Products

Recently, counterfeit products such as “Smoking Dragon Plus XL” which copied Yocan Evolve Plus XL have appeared in the market, not only seriously damages the interests of distributors and consumers, but also affects Yocan brand image and product market.

In response to the phenomenon of loopholes by illegal companies, we hereby make the following statement to facilitate consumers to identify counterfeit products and beware of being deceived.

All authentic Yocan products are sold under the Yocan brand, as shown below.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer 2020 version has new package box.
Yocan Evolve-plus-xl 2020 version package box
Yocan Evolve-plus-xl original version package box

The Smoking Dragon Plus XL, Rick and Morty Plus XL, Cookies Plus XL, Dragon Ball Plus XL that appeared on the market are not Yocan products, and their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Yocan Official Team

6 thoughts on “Yocan Tech Announces Crackdown on Counterfeit Products

  1. Marc White says:

    In the past 3-4 months I have purchased at least 7 Yocan wax concentrate pens. They continuously mess up on us. Recently two separate armor pens broke in half and I’m very gentle with what I buy. Ive bought 2 armor pens one black and one gray, 2 evo plus XL one hulk and one rose pink, a rainbow flick and a blue flick and only one of the flicks work. I’ve been very patient and haven’t said anything but I’m tired of wasting my money I would really appreciate some sort of refund for example a pen of my choosing.

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