Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway

420 in 2024 is coming, and the Yocan vaporizer manufacturer sincerely invites you to participate in the 420 Carnival to celebrate and advocate this special day! Yocan Vape will be bringing many new vaporizers to join the party with you! We prepare mysterious gifts for you for free! Get ready for a day full of fun and we have our best wishes for you.

Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway
Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway

Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway Contents

This event runs from April 15, 2024, to April 22, 2024. During the event, everyone is more likely to get high scores if they actively complete the content of each project. The top 6 lucky players will receive the following prizes. Please read the content carefully to avoid missing the 420 carnival gift!
Champion prize: Yocan Cylo+ Yocan Dyno + Yocan Ziva Pro +Yocan Kodo Pro +Yocan official commemorative gift (random) (one person)
Runner-up prize: Yocan Dyno + Yocan Ziva Pro + Yocan official commemorative gift (random) (two people)
Third place prize: Yocan Ziva Pro+Yocan official commemorative gift (random) (three people)
Event time: April 15, 2024 – April 22, 2024
Number of winners: 6

Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway

What is 420

“420” is a special day in cannabis culture. The act of smoking marijuana every year on April 20 at 4:20 pm is considered friendly and accepted by everyone. This is also the answer to many young people’s inquiry “What does 420 friendly mean? or what is 420 friendly?”. From its birth in 1971 to today, 420 has evolved into a global symbol for spreading cannabis culture, and has used this culture to form a unique social gathering day for cannabis. This day is solemn and joyful. Show their support for cannabis law reform through celebrations and protests! This number has become a code word and has gradually.

Where did 420 come from

In 1971, in San Rafael, California, USA. A group of high school students agreed to gather at 4:20 p.m. to find an abandoned marijuana plant. It is said that they never found this plant, but were lucky enough to spread the number 420. If someone says: when is 420? The answer is from 1971. Every year in the following years, April 20th at 4:20 pm will be the 420 celebration!

Guide for Winners of This Giveaway

Actively complete activities in Gleam every day to earn bonus points. The activities include sharing new people, sharing on social media, and other ten contents. If you want to be one of the six winners, you need to complete the project displayed in Gleam every day. 8 days in total. Try not to miss the ten events each day. It’s the key to accumulating more reward points. The top six with the highest points will receive the above prizes.
The last important point is that Yocan welcomes more new people to participate in the event. Sharing to new people will get higher scores. If you can share this event with those in need. Yocan will be grateful and look forward to your interaction with Yocan! If you have any suggestions for the event, please log on to the official website Yocan.com, and leave us a message.

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