Yocan Dive is an electronic nectar collector concentrate pen.
Yocan Dive exploded View.
Yocan Dive features no loading touch coil design.
Yocan Dive output voltage adjustable. 3 Voltage Levels: High - White Light, Medium - Green Light, Low - Red Light;
The Yocan magnetic cap over the touch coil, ceramic vapor tip for easy storage.
Due to Yocan Dive compact size, it'll store away in any pocket or bag comfortably.
Enjoy a unique vaping experience with the all-new Yocan Dive portable nectar
Yocan Dive Nectar Collector with two colors.
Yocan Dive Electronic Concentrate Pen package content.

Yocan Dive is an Affordable Concentrate Straw For Beginners. The Yocan Dive Vaporizer is a vape pen that is set to break barriers and transcend boundaries in the vaping industry. It’s an electronic nectar collector which lets you vape concentrates directly from the container.