How Do You Choose Your First Dab Rig Device?

Whether you are a consumer or an e-rig distributor, you should consider the following 5 aspects in choosing your first electric dab rig device to buy or wholesale.

5 tips to teach you to choose dab rig device

Size and portability

Larger dab devices usually provide better cooling and filtration but will be less convenient to carry. The place of application will be limited and more suitable for indoor application. A portable dab rig is more suitable for travel, for example, the Yocan Pillar e-rig kit is very convenient to carry around and can be put into a backpack.

Secondly, as the e-rig distributors suggest that you should choose the right size according to your consumer group. Younger consumers will prefer a portable dab rig. Older and more experienced lighter players will focus on taste and functionality and will choose a slightly larger e-rig size. Currently supporting Yocan Pillar online wholesale, fill out the Yocan distributor application form through the official website to cooperate.

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Percolation and Filtration

Percolation is the process of filtering and cooling steam as it passes through a device. Look for dab rig units with percolators or water chambers that provide a smoother hit by diffusing the steam. Common types of percolators include showerhead, honeycomb, and tree percolators, while the Yocan Pillar uses a showerhead percolator, which enhances filtration by dispersing the smoke and water, creating a bubbling effect that brings water and smoke into full contact. So when you use the Yocan Pillar dab rig, the smoke taste is very cool and moist.

Budget for purchasing dab rig device

Determine the budget range of the dab rig device. Depending on the brand, materials, workmanship, and additional features, the price can vary greatly. You can find a reliable electronic dab rig within a certain budget range, for example, the Yocan Pillar affordable e-rig is the best choice for beginner light-tap players.

Brand and reputation

Choose a reputable brand that is known for producing high-quality e-dab rig equipment. Read product reviews and seek advice from experienced users to find out which brands are reliable, reasonably priced, and perform well.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a dab rig that matches your personal preferences. Whether it’s a specific design, color, or unique feature, finding the right equipment for you can enhance your overall dabbing experience.

Whether you are wholesaling or buying by considering the five factors above, you will be better able to choose e-dab rig equipment that fits the needs and preferences of a first-time buyer.

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