Is Yocan Blade Hot Knife Dab Worth Wholesale?

Yocan Blade is a rechargeable portable electric dab tool for concentrates. It can effectively enhance the user’s experience in using the dabbing rig. The following content will introduce the Yocan Blade hot knife dab in detail.

What are the features of Yocan Blade hot knife dab?

Replaceable dual ceramic blades

The Yocan Blade comes with two different-shaped blades, the K1 with a rounded tip for picking up concentrates and the K2 with an irregular square shape for cutting concentrates. Users can choose the right blade according to their personal habits and needs.

Yocan Blade hot knife dab wax
Blade dabbing hot knife

400 mAh high-capacity battery

The Yocan Blade hot dabbing knife has a high capacity 400 mAh Type-c charging design that takes only 1 hour to fully charge and provides a long standby time.

Ergonomic design

Blade hot knife has an ergonomic design that resembles a pen and is comfortable to hold. The knife head supports every 90-degree rotation, supports a variety of grips, and is more convenient to cut concentrate.

Lightweight and portable

Yocan Blade has an overall size of 14.1mm*157.25mm and an overall weight of only 50 grams. It is straightforward to carry on the go.

What does the Yocan Blade dab hot knife do?

Reduce concentrate waste

The Yocan Blade loading tool quickly cuts concentrates into chunks, and the high-temperature heating allows concentrates to drip onto the dab rig in less than three seconds. This effectively prevents concentrates from being wasted.

Keeps dabbing rig equipment clean

Concentrates are often sticky and tend to stick to the dab rig when picked up. It is very difficult to clean, but with the Yocan Blade dabbing tool, you can solve this problem by quickly and easily picking up the concentrate and sliding it into the dabbing rig device with precision.

In summary, this is a description of the features of the Yocan Blade and the benefits of using a hot knife electric dab tool. If you are a retailer or wholesaler of dab rigs, be sure to partner with Yocan to wholesale the Blade dabbing hot knife. provide your users with an affordable and practical concentrate loading tool, while allowing you to expand your business and make good profits.

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