Hi Yocan Members

The World Cup, which has gotten fans all over the world fired up, has begun! It’s a festival for fans from all over the world across nationalities. Then, Yocan is launching a World Cup Prize Quiz. Come vote for your team and win great prizes!

Participation Rules.

All you have to do is upload your entry between November 18 and December 18 and follow these steps to complete it!


1. Take a photo of the Yocan product you have used.
2. Share the photo to your social media, tag @yocantech & add “YOCAN.COM”
3. Post on forum.yocantech.com to vote for the team you think will win with a link to Step 2 and your country.


After the World Cup finish, 20 lucky winners will be randomly selected from among the forum participants and deliver the prize. The winners will be announced on the forum.yocantech.com page and on Yocan’s official Instagram and Facebook pages!

Prize including:

1. Yocan Cubex x 1
2. Yocan Kodo Pro x 1
3. Yocan Hat x1

Yocan Cubex is a brand-new concentrate vaporizer with a TGT coil, to know more details about it, follow this link: https://www.yocan.com/featured_item/cubex

Yocan Kodo Pro is a thumb-sized 510 battery with an OLED display and functions of a puff counter, to learn more details about it, please click this link: https://www.yocan.com/featured_item/kodo-pro

Finally, to avoid you missing out on winning notifications, please be sure to check forum.yocantech.com, Yocan Instagram, and Yocan Facebook on December 20-23!


Any questions, please drop us a comment down below and we will get you covered.

Let’s party together!

Yocan team.

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