4 thoughts on “Yocan Evolve 2.0 User Manual Download

  1. Greg says:

    Hey there, I am a new owner of a Evolve 2,0. I love the new design, but I am having some issued with the concentrate pods: the outer shell of the pod starts to crack almost instantly. It has started in the same place with each pod, originating at the vent ring at the bottom of the pod, then it starts climbing up the side. Although is still functions (heats up) its gets quite messy.

  2. Dan Curtin says:

    Have used my new Evolve 2.0 only a handful of times. Currently getting light blinking 3 times when attempting to utilize a concentrate coil. Ordered new coils thinking that I had burned out first coil, kinda fast but could happen. Inserted new coil, ready to go, and continue getting the three blinks. Anything I can try?

    • Jimmy_Yocan says:

      Hi Dan,
      First of all, thanks for choosing our product.
      As for your device blinking 3 times, it’s means no cartridge error.
      Please try to clear the connect point of battery and the cartridge, and re-intall your cartrdige.
      If you have further question, please let me know.
      Vape on.

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