Yocan Affiliate Program

Just 4 steps to join Yocan Affiliate Program

Welcome to Yocan Affiliate Program
Love Yocan UNI, or other Yocan vaporizer devices?
Join Yocan Affiliate Program and earn USD dollars. Whether you are a website owner or an influencer on social media, you can join Yocan Affiliate Program to get a commission when you share Yocan products with your followers.

What’s Yocan Affiliate Program?

Yocanonline.com is Yocan official retail site, we offer a wide variety of High-End Devices, Mods, Atomizers, Accessories and more. The site is configured with upsells that allows the average ticket to rise. We have great product descriptions on most, if not all the high-end items and valuable 5 stars customer reviews. We have been in the industry for several years now and established ourselves as one of the best online retailers. Sign up with us today and start to earn money now.

Yocan affiliate program is available via linkconnector (LC) which is our third-party program administrator. We offer competitive incentives for all affiliates. If you do not have a linkconnector (LC), simply create one on our network, it’s completely free!

Just 4 steps to join Yocan Affiliate Program

Step 1: Register and join our affiliate program on www.linkconnector.com
Step 2: Add Yocan affiliate link or banner to your website
Get promotion code (or naked coupon code) from our campaign, then share it on your website or social media.
Step 3: Customers click on the link/banner and place an order on yocanonline.com
Step 4: Linkconnector (LC) pays your commission( Pay-Per-Sale 15% for each sale you deliver. )!

How Does Yocan Affiliate Program Work?

how does yocan affiliate program work

Yocan Affiliate Program Support

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact us, get help from other Yocan users on forum.yocantech.com.

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      Wholesale or retail? If you want wholease Yocan vape, please fill out on https://www.yocan.com/d As for the retail, due to our official site yocanonline.com can’t delivery goods to your country at this moment. please can you go to local vape shop purchase Yocan vape. Thanks in advance. Have a great night.

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