Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway Winners List

The annual 420 Carnival giveaway has ended. Through this event, we once again revisited the meaning of the number 420. Thanks to everyone for a perfect 420 festival with Yocan. As an excellent manufacturer in the vape industry, we look forward to more vaping enthusiasts using Yocan products to get a better experience. This giveaway has ended. Thanks again to every member who participated in this event! I hope everyone can win generous prizes in the following activities. The 6 winners of this lottery will be announced below!

Yocan 420 Carnival Giveaway Winners

This giveaway is valid for 7 days. Thanks to the six award-winning contestants for their support and efforts during the event. The first place in this event is: Vitaliy Vynarchyk, she will receive a very generous gift Yocan Cylo + Yocan Dyno + Yocan Ziva Pro +Yocan Kodo Pro +Yocan official commemorative gift! Second place winners were: Justin Berenholz and Megan Gabriele. They will receive Yocan Dyno + Yocan Ziva Pro + Yocan official commemorative gift! The third place winners are: Jeremy Johnson, Gabriele Zito, and Jen Birkin. Congratulations to them for winning the Yocan Ziva Pro+Yocan official commemorative gift!


Congratulations to the above six winners, please pay attention to the Yocan official award email. We will contact you via email to obtain your prize delivery address information. Yocan will ship all prizes to your designated shipping address for free! Please be sure to complete the information within 48 hours! This will be the most critical step for you to win the prize! Congratulations again!

About Yocan vape giveaway event

Fans who haven’t won yet, don’t be disappointed! Stay tuned for the next Yocan draw! We will be hosting a giveaway every month. If you have a favorite Yocan CBD Vape, you can leave a message on the Yocan official website or discuss it in our Yocan vape forum. We will use it as a prize for our next event. We look forward to your interaction with Yocan.

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