How to win the 2024 Yocan Blade giveaway

As we all know, the new Yocan Blade giveaway is coming to an end, from June 4th to June 14th. Please keep up the good work! In order to allow more fans to get this dab tool, Yocan manufacturers have increased the number of prizes from 5 to 10 this time. I hope that everyone who works hard to get a Yocan Blade will have a greater chance of winning them. Here’s wishing you all good luck! If you have a product you need that you would like to be included in the next giveaway, please check the Yocan product page and leave us a message.

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How to win the Yocan Blade Giveaway?

There are 10 lucky partners in this event. Here are some tips for winning prizes!
1: Since the launch of the giveaway event, everyone should try to participate in the event content every day.
2: Check the daily activities carefully and select more tasks you can complete.
3: During the event, try to complete projects with high points as much as possible.
The above content is the key to winning prizes! That is, you can win prizes by getting higher points! You just need to make sure that your points ranking can be in the top 10.

Yocan Blade Dab Tool Usage Experience

When you receive the Yocan Blade dab tool, you will find that it has a very good texture. It feels like a noble fountain pen with collectible value. The zinc alloy body gives it a smooth and tactile surface! And the concave and convex surface is thoughtfully designed at the grip to prevent you from accidentally falling off your hand! Speaking of appearance, it has a blade design element, and the ultimate ergonomic and fashionable appearance design is one of its highlights!
Yocan Blade has a replaceable ceramic tip design, which invisibly extends the life of the device. You know that many devices on the market are one-piece designs and do not have blades that can be replaced. So after you have used it for some time, the device that contacts the concentrate tends to get dirty, and it can be described as a consumable part. You have to replace it all. And Yocan Blade is not limited to this, it can replace the ceramic tip so that the device can continue to work! Thereby saving you some money and unnecessary trouble! Secondly, its 400mAh battery and Type-C Charging Port can escort you well! When you need different gears to complete the work, it has a 3.0V-3.6V-4.2V adjustable voltage! If you need to know more about it, please click the Yocan manual.
In short, Yocan Blade is an excellent dab tool! Worth having by all enthusiasts!

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  1. Mark says:

    I love you guys product. I really do. I just got the new orbit. It’s awesome. You guys rocked it. I’m here to see more product.

    • Sky says:

      Dear Mark, thank you for your support of Yocan. Please pay attention to our giveaway activities. We will often hold

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