Yocan UNI Portable And Ultra Compact Box Mod Guideline

Hi guys,
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This post we will share you an awesome box mod, named Yocan UNI.
It’s the latest Yocan box mod in this year.
Yocan UNI Patended Design Vape Mod is an Universal Portable Box Mod.


Yocan UNI is portable and ultra-compact

Yocan UNI has a very unique design. It stands 3 inches tall and it’s portable and ultra-compact.
You can easily conceal it in the palm of your hands. It is a discreet and small box mod, catering to a wide array of cartridges specifically designed for essential oils.

Yocan UNI: ease of use Box Mod

This mod box features all the things that vapers love about Yocan products including practicality, functionality, ease of use, and affordability. From what Yocan engineers learned from its predecessors, including the Yocan Hive, the Yocan Flick and the Yocan Stealth, they were able to design and manufacture the most advanced cartridge battery available on the market today.

Yocan UNI: built-in 650mAh battery

With Yocan UNI, it gives you the best things expected from Yocan which includes a big and built-in 650mAh battery that comes with Micro-USB charger.

It uses a true magnetic connector ring screwed into a 510 threaded cartridge.
The variable diameter opening is what makes Yocan UNI truly unique. The opening is adjustable with the use of the dial at the top, that enables the device to accept almost any brand of 510 thread cartridge.

How to use Yocan UNI Box Mod?

Yocan UNI has also an adjustable height for the cartridges, which allows raising and lowering the cartridge to be compatibles with what you’re using. Yocan UNI Box Mod has 3 voltage settings with 3 light indicators above the button. The super convenient 10-second preheating function can be used by pressing the button twice, perfect for a really thick oil.

With the window on the side of Yocan UNI, you’ll be able to see and check the material level to know when it is time to refill, which prevents burning cartridges and the discomfort inhaling the burnt material, as well as saving you time, money, and effort.

Source: https://damdaar.com/yocan-uni-box-mod-review/

More Question about Yocan UNI?

Learn more detail about Yocan UNI at https://www.yocan.com/featured_item/uni

If you have more question about vaping yocan UNI, please post your question on YVF: https://forum.yocantech.com/

8 thoughts on “Yocan UNI Portable And Ultra Compact Box Mod Guideline

  1. John G says:

    Used unit box for 1 week and indicator lights flashing upon pressing button. The store clerk said that my I phone charging block breaks the coil and did not replace it. How do you recommend I charge new uni so this doesn’t happen again?

    • Jimmy_Yocan says:

      First of all, sorry our product didn’t provide you awesome vaping experience.
      And also thanks for give us those feedback.
      Usually, UNI can be charged via your android USB cable or charger.

      • Justin says:

        I just took mine out of the box. I’m getting similar thing. Haven’t even used it yet. Hoping it’s not charged enough? When charging two lights stay lit and one blinks for about a min then they all go off. Is this just a faulty uni?

        • yocan_9102 says:

          Hi Justin,
          First of all, sorry for our product didn’t provide you awesome vaping experience.
          And also thanks for give us those feedback. Please try to contact the shop you bought.
          If you need further support, please let me know.
          Have a good night.

  2. Jose says:

    Is this used and only used for wax because i found one thinking it was a e cig tobacco but didn’t taste like tobacco please let me know

    • Jimmy_Yocan says:

      UNI is a awesome box mod battery, as your confusion, it’s depends on what type your cart connecting? By the way, UNI can fits all your oil carts. Have a nice vaping day.

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