Yocan Hive: simple but not simple

Yocan Hive is a sepcial 2-in-1 vaporizer device that is designed for both Concentrate and Juice. So Yocan Hive can meet your different vaping needs. Now let’s talk some details about the Yocan Hive,i think the more you know about it, the more you will like it.
Yocan Hive Compact and Discrete
What’s your first impression of the Yocan Hive ? Simple and generous design style,right ? when you hold it in hand,you’ll find it’s compact and discrete,so you may would like to take it everywhere. 5 colors for you to choose,which one is your favourite ? Yocan Hive come in 5 colors
Why Yocan Hive can fit both Concentrate and Juice ? because Yocan Hive comes with concentrate atomizer and Juice atomizer. The Yocan Hive atomizer is with quartz coil,which helps bring you the purest vape experience.The Juice atomizer is a top fill unit with No leaking design. Yocan Hive atomizer and CBD atomizer
And it’s easy to use.,the atomizer is smartly inserted and locked in the box by a magnetic connecor. Yocan Hive Magnetic Connecor
The Yocan Hive comes with a built-in 650mAh battery,there is a indicator light to show how much the battery is. If it flashes red light 10 times,it means you need to charge it,and when it’s fully charged,the red light would turn off automatically. Also there is a window on the box mod to help you check the oil level,so smart. Yocan Hive Charging
Conclusion: Yocan Hive is a No-leakage design,compact size,discreet All-in-one device that was made for concentrate & Juice,contains everything you need to get right into vaping.Yocan Hive – simple but not simple. Thanks for reading,all suggestions and comments are welcome,click Here to check more details. If you have interest to try it,please click the link as below to get one,for wholesale inquiry,please contact info@yocantech.com