Yocan Dyno New Generation Portable Nectar Collector Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the new generation of Yocan Dyno portable nectar collector, Yocan officials have prepared generous gifts to participate in this prize-winning event to give back to our fans who support us! Yocan Dyno offers stylish looks, flexible functionality, and a portable size. It once again subverts people’s impression that previous honey harvesting machines were too bloated and had a single size. Its appearance is great news for travelers, allowing them to enjoy their journey while immersing themselves in the magical world of nectar collectors. Would you like to receive the new Yocan Dyno nectar collector with a small glass Aerator from this event? I don’t think you’d turn down an easy opportunity to own it. Yocan officials also prepared a new atomizer Cylo as a gift for this event. Please see the event details below for details.

Yocan Dyno New Generation Portable Nectar Collector Giveaway
Yocan Dyno New Generation Portable Nectar Collector Giveaway



Yocan official shock prize in this event?

The shock prize of the event is a new-generation Yocan Dyno portable nectar collector with a small bubbler. Its characteristics are that, first of all, it has a small glass bubbler, which can perfectly filter the smoke, effectively reduce the temperature, make the smoke soft, and perfectly solve the cough that may be caused by gas irritation in the throat. Secondly, our Yocan designers designed a magnetic ceramic head cap on its immersion unit to make it easier for people to replace or load it. Finally, Yocan Dyno incorporates the excellent genes of the Yocan family (smart OLED screen display, adjustable voltage 2.V-4.2V, adjustable cut-off time 15-60S, cool adjustable RGB neon lights, and puff counter, two types of working mode) (on-demand mode and conversation mode), 1000mAh large battery and Type-C fast charging port). If you need to know more about Yocan Dyno, you can click on the Yocan Dyno User Manual.

All prize information for this event

There are 5 winners in total, and the winners will receive three prizes: Yocan Dyno, Yocan Cylo, and Yocan official exclusive customized gifts (more than two pieces). The second-place winner will receive Yocan Dyno and Yocan official exclusive customized gifts (more than two pieces). The third prize winner will receive Yocan Cylo and Yocan official exclusive customized gift (one piece). The fourth-place winner will each receive a Yocan Dyno nectar collector. The fifth-place winner will receive a Yocan Cylo concentrate vaporizer. Don’t miss this event, this is your chance to get your hands on a new generation Yocan Dyno nectar collector!
NOTE: All participants must be 21 years or older!

2024 Yocan Dyno New Generation Nectar Collector Evaporator with Glass Aerator Giveaway

How can you be the winner of the new Yocan Dyno nectar collector’s giveaway?

There are many ways to participate in this event, including via email, social media, and more.
If you want to be one of the five winners, actively complete tasks in Gleam to earn bonus points every day. As you complete each day’s activities, bonus points will accumulate. The top five with the highest points will receive the above prizes.
Finally, Yocan welcomes newcomers to participate in this event. If you can share this event with those in need. Yocan would appreciate any help and looks forward to your interaction with Yocan!


21 thoughts on “Yocan Dyno New Generation Portable Nectar Collector Giveaway

  1. donateeverything says:

    I won 2nd prize. Yay! Thank you very much guys! This means a lot to me. Finally something good happened haha. I thought luck would never come again. Thanks and Happy Chinese New Year. Also Happy Wolf Moon, it’s the first full moon of the year.

    • Sky says:

      First of all, congratulations, dear Michael Domingo, I hope good luck will always be with you and I wish you great prizes! God will not let down everyone who works hard! Hope you are getting better and better! We look forward to sharing your winning feelings on your social media! Bring your good luck to everyone! Let more people feel it!

  2. Roman Matheo Bailey says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the 5 🏆 Winners 🏆 and thank you Yocan for the chance to win in the giveaway and can’t wait for the NEXT GIVEAWAY!!!!!

    • Sky says:

      Follow us, the staff is sorting it out and looking forward to announcing it. Chinese New Year activities are also being prepared, so stay tuned.

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